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Hi, I'm Natasha! I'm 17 and live in the United States. I'm basically in love with Michael Fassbender and Tom Hiddleston. They're my favorite gingers! This blog is completely dedicated to my obsession with Fassy and Hiddles.

Up and running since May 16, 2012.
Feel free to message me for requests or anything really.





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not okay 1/2

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Michael’s World Cup prediction.

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they’re the same…

this makes me happy

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Erik is scared of lowering his guard; but there are moments you can actually see how bad he feels for what he’s done to Charles: a brief wince, a quick swallowing, a small nod, a painful stare  - and let’s thank Michael Fassbender for being the amazing actor he is. You just have to pay attention. 

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Lord have mercy…


Lord have mercy…

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#MichaelFassbender invitando a participal en “Your Film Festival” (2012)

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Fassbender walks in. He’s in bright green Adidas track pants and a black T-shirt, hair sticking up everywhere, eyes bleary and barely open. He looks as if someone rolled his body the thirty miles out from Montreal and he woke up on mile twenty-nine. It’s hard to tell if he’s badly hungover or just rakish.

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Favourite Films | Hunger (2008)

"When you’re hung from a cross you’re gonna say anything. Jesus offers him a seat next to his daddy in a place called paradise you’re always gonna put your hand up and have a piece of that."

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Watch Fassy accept his Rising Star IFTA here > (x)

Accepting for Liam Cunningham’s IFTA in this gifset, video here (x)

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hes sooo handsome bye.


hes sooo handsome bye.

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